Proposal Accepted for the 2015 Women in Engineering Proactive Network (WEPAN) Change Leader Forum

Accepted!!!! “Think Big! Broadening Horizons for Women in Engineering and Computer Science through Global Scholar Networks,”  has been accepted as part of the 2015 WEPAN Change Leader Forum: Roadmap to Inclusion. This presentation builds on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras’, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez’s, and Universidad Metropolitana’s collaborative NSF ADVANCE- Partnership for Learning, Adaptation, and Networking (PLAN) grant proposal “Broadening Horizons through Global Eminent Scholar Networks.” If funded, this grant will engage national and international organizations to provide women engineering, computer science, and information technology faculty from Puerto Rico access to global networks that will enable them to accumulate the international and academic capital necessary for advancement within their institutions and their field.

Look for a funding update in April 2015


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